• China is the world’s second-biggest economy and is still growing at a 7% each year.

  • China has a booming middle class, which takes up around 20% of the country’s population, even bigger than the total population of the US.

  • China is the world’s biggest source of tourists, with over 120 million Chinese tourists travelling abroad in 2015.

  • China is ranked first in the world in a number of overseas students.

  • China has been the world’s largest car market since 2010.

  • China has become the world’s biggest market for red wine consumption since 2013, overtaking France and Italy.

  • China is the world’s biggest luxury goods market, with the consumption of luxury goods rising to ₤27 billion in 2015 (20% of the world’s luxury goods consumption).

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Art & Culture

Unparalleled art and culture is a great asset of Great Britain, which has been proved by the success of various British culture projects in China.


China is the biggest source of overseas students to UK universities and schools. According to UKCISA statistics, in 2014-2015, there were almost 90,000 Chinese students studying in UK HE institutions.


Many English Premier League Clubs have their diehard fans in China and several of the clubs have set up their official Chinese website, including Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool.

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