Alipay is an eWallet payment method, a secure place where your shoppers can store funds to be used online.

It is available to merchants who use both the Direct and Hosted integration model.

There are two ways for a shopper to make a payment:

  1. The default option is for the shopper to use their mobile device (phone, tablet, and so on) to scan the QR code that appears on the Alipay payment page. This is the most popular payment method, used by the majority of shoppers.

  2. An alternative is for the shopper to log in to the Alipay payment page using their Alipay credentials.

Connecting your business with Alipay and WeChat pay will enable people with Chinese bank accounts linked to WeChat can shop in your store, restaurant, hotel, theatre, etc.,

By using their smartphones.


Both Alipay and WeChat pay offer different payment solutions, including smart POS, scan payment, in-app payment, Web & App integration

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